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I also have been depressed pretty much my whole life - it was diagnosed at 13, but they didn't medicate me until I was 17, so whenever I think of those years I start panicking because all I had 4 suicide attempts in that time, and they still didn't medicate me. It took until I was 17 to get them to understand that, yes, my dad had died when I was 12 and that was terrible, but that it wasn't the start of my problems, which were there anyway. Finally I was medicated, and after a few switches, found the one that saved my life. Every now and then I see doctors who decide I shouldn't be on the dosage I'm on or whatever, but I just speak to my regular doctor and she reminds me what I was like without the meds. If I miss even a days dose, within 12 hours I'm plummeting and I feel like I'm walking through water.

I've had my share of so called 'professionals' who seemed more crazy than I am. I've had to lodge a complaint against a consultant psychotherapist who locked me in a room and shouted at me for half an hour about how evil I was (because I was in a wheelchair), and I had to switch practices to get away from a consultant psychiatrist who told me that being suicidal was totally normal, to think how much worse other people had it and that the fact that I was just overreacting to losing my baby. When I asked to be seen by someone else, he blocked every attempt to get a second opinion, until my GP at the time told me that it was mad, but the only way to get any help would be to switch practices so I got one covered by a different psychiatrist.

They do seem to cling to the idea that if they don't understand it, it can't exist. If it doesn't fit into the textbook cases, make it.

Do make sure you complain about your doctor - someone who has them as a regular doctor and is in the age bracket that 'doesn't get depression' might get a missed diagnosis otherwise.

*hugs* Hope you feel ok.
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