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WOW, that really sucks ! Hopefully you are in with a great doctor now who well help you get on the right track to being pregnant - or as one of our docs so nicely put it - start incubating (yup, he's a gem).
I'm kind of out of the loop when it comes to infertility and pregnancy in general, but if it helps talking about it doesn't bother me in the least and am suprised to hear it is a taboo subject. I guess working in a hosp we talk about EVERYTHING. I agree that it's just a condition like anything else. I have friends that for one reason or another cannot conceive and are adopting and for the ones that have pursued IVF and the ones that didn't I find they pick and choose who they will talk to about it b/c sometimes they feel like people are judging their decision to adopt. Understandably they don't feel like they should have to defend or justify adopting rather than having "their own" child by putting their medical history on display.

Best of Luck with the new surgery and hope all goes well and that you DON't have to do bowel prep cause I have done that and oye.
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