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Thank you all for your warm thoughts and letting me get it off my chest. I apologize if I came across as a bit of a psycho earlier, it's just that bits and pieces of it all is processing slower than I thought it would and I tend to blurt things out and think about it later on. I try hard not to do that on this board, but sometimes I fail.

As for Infertility being 'taboo' and women not wanting to talk about it, it's because the women that can get pregnant just by looking at their husbands don't, excuse me, CAN'T even begin to understand how horrible this journey is for us fertility-challenged individuals. I just came up with that one!

Women just take it for granted when they don't even try to conceive and when they hear about other women who struggle with it they usually just poo-poo us and say the most unkind, hurtful and unsympathetic things to our faces and it leaves us standing there completely dumbfounded.

We don't dislike the women who can get pregnant easily but we do dislike the remarks. Which we know aren't meant to be taken as being insensitive, but when you are the one who has to go down this road there's no way on earth that we can even begin to explain how we feel. It is such a sensitive issue and it needs to be handled with extreme care and compassion. And as I sit here and type this it dawns on me that that is probably the reason it is such a taboo subject, because as much as we do want to talk about it, it hurts just that much more too talk about it. I guess we have to be in the right frame of mind to be more open with the discussions. And since our emotions go haywire during this process, that makes it even more difficult. Wow, I guess we're damned if we do and damned if we don't!!

Boy, have I hijacked my own thread here or what!! Bottom line: Please don't ask a woman when she's going to have a baby. Let her tell you when it happens on her time, you'll save a lot of women struggling to conceive a heck of a lot of pain. Thank you for letting me get that out. I feel a whole lot better.
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