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I guess it's really all about educating people on the matter. I've had to tell my mother that she can't talk to me about how wonderful her grandchildren are, because for me to hear about that is absolute torture. And I know she doesn't even realize she's killing me on the inside, so I have to find a tactful way to say, "Mom, I don't want to hear about all the wonderful and fun things that the kids are saying or doing". And to be perfectly honest, I hate having to say anything at all. I wish I could hear about how my SIL is 1 month from giving birth and all she's going through but I just can't. 5 years ago, yes it was fine, now, Oh Dear God No!! And when I told my mom how I felt, she in turn felt so badly and I hated that I made her feel that way, but if I didn't say something I would hang up everytime and be crying my eyes out.

But we must educate people as best we can and hope they'll understand. Again, I thank you all for letting me get this off my chest today.

And yes, I sure am excited and scared about my upcoming surgery. I'm so glad my new doctor is big enough to know that another doctor will be able to do a better job and is sending me there. That to me is a huge sign of a doctor who's more interested in the welfare of his patients and not more concerned about padding his pocketbook. I just wish my last doctor would have done the same thing, because it turns out this doctor who I'm seeing next week, used to work in the same office as my first RE! Small world, hey?!

I've decided that when I go in next week and they do another ultrasound I'm going to ask them to give me a picture of the cyst so I can show it to my mom!! She'll be so grossed out. My Dad will think it's cool, but he's a boy so I kind of expect that from him.
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