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I can totally relate. I'm from Ironton, MO (not quite the end of the world but you can see it from there). There are no stoplights in Ironton! I'm in the big city now, but I love small towns and would totally move back to Ironton if I could find a job making what I do in St. Louis. You should be proud of your town. You probably had a more wholesome upbringing than the ones making fun of you. I'm sure they are kidding, though. I tease some of my friends who still live in small towns--including my brothers who are still in Ironton. I don't mean anything by it and I'm certainly not judging them. There is nothing wrong with country music, either! It's the most wholesome music out there (besides religious music). My daughter & her friends at her "big city" school love rap and country music. Hold your head up and BRAG on your hometown and SING your music! If you google it you'll find that several big celebrities knit, including Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz. It's not a "hick" thing to do.

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