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My BIL went to Chapman University, which is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). It's in Orange, CA.

Some other links: (their list includes many listed above)

If by "Christian" you specifically mean a specifically evangelical or "Christ-centered" education, you might like this site:

For schools which don't have a reputation for partying at all, see the "The Party has Left the Building" list here:

I want to repeat what someone else said about college being what your DD makes of it: if she studies and works hard at just about any accredited university, she'll do OK in terms of career and future. At some point you have to trust that you've raised her to make good decisions and that she'll be fine. She'll make some mistakes, and learn from them - we all do. My advice would be to be involved in this decision about which college she attends as little as possible - let her make this choice for what is right for her. You might reserve the right to veto someplace you can't afford or which takes your baby all the way across the country, but let her take this decision. It will serve her well in the long term.
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