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Originally Posted by KnittingNat View Post
Sending you big !
We haven't tried to conceive yet and already i find remarks about me having a baby very offensive, especially when they are coming from my boss
I just wanted to add that maybe you shouldn't hate your body so much. It's yours, for better for worse. The more you'll love yourself, the more your body will respond to that. Maybe i sound too new-age now, but i just learned it on myself. I understand how difficult it is for you to hear about other people's babies and pregnancies, but maybe you can try and change your view about it, wake up in the morning and say "I love myself, I feel great and i'm going to have a baby, this way or another" and smile a lot. Don't think so hard about the difficulties of the process, try to picture yourself at the end of that.
When i see all the threads about infertility I understand how having a baby is a gift and not something to be taken for granted and I'm sure that really soon you'll make a wonderful mother. So i'm sending you lots of baby thoughts and !

Thank you for the kind words knittingnat. I do appreciate the thoughts. But to explain what I mean when I say I hate my body in detail would be long and extremely boring for you to read. Let me just say that I have been stricken with illnesses since I was a child. I'm talking so sick a complete stranger had to carry me into the doctor's office because I couldn't walk and my Dad could not get off of work to come with us.

So I have good reason to say that I hate my body, but I did say it was the hand I've been dealt so I will continue to deal with it. After 20+ years of sicknesses you tend to become quite negative on certain things and become defeated. But as my signature says "Giving up is what makes it permanent". I haven't given up yet. I think that's a pretty good record.

And saying out loud to myself that I am going to have a baby isn't going to make it happen. If it's meant to be then it will happen, no matter what I say or do.

Thanks again for the well wishes.
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