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Here is a photo of my workbook for the LEFT FRONT.
Just the act of re-writing the instructions is an aid to sink the pattern steps into my brain. I know what I am gonna do each step of the way, before casting on. This "homework" speeds up the knitting process. It removes doubt and error, which results in time-consuming days at the frog pond!

I am almost to the armhole region. Tonight I am knitting away to reach that 14.5"...Repeat 7/Row 4...needed to begin the armhole cast offs. I already know that the LEFT FRONT will measure 14.5" after Repeat 7/Row 4 because my notes from the BACK pieces tell me this. Won't even have to measure. The little red threads are keeping track for me! (the 10-row-repeat markers)

Anyway, some folks think I knit fast. I don't.
I knit methodically...with preparation and a clear plan.
I keep a project notebook like this for everything I knit.
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