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Here are some tips to help you along with the LEFT FRONT.

My LEFT FRONT, done...but still needs washing/blocking.

You know that I use little red threads to mark the 10-row-repeats.
This little gold thread is marking something different. It is marking the row on which I started casting off for the armhole. Why? Because we are now instructed to knit away until the armhole is 6.5". All you have to do is measure from the gold thread upwards to get an accurate measurement of your armhole as it progresses!

This is a shot of the top region of my LEFT FRONT. Note that 10 stitches at the neckline edge have been placed on hold. The new neckline edge is now moved to the the first k stitch beyond the 10 cable stitch repeat. I mention this because I've seen a lot of questions about this step/concept on other knitalongs.

This is a photo closeup of the 10 st that you will be placing on a holder (I used waste yarn). These 10 stitches will remain unused until later on when they will become a part of the hood. They will continue up and over the hood. Just forget about them for now.
I prefer waste yarn because holders get in the way when I wash the piece and lay it out to block and dry.

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