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Loose ends keep poking through my work!
I'm a fairly experienced knitter and generally make things like babies' clothes. Recently I discovered the joys of knitting with organic cotton and have made some stuff which I absolutely love BUT I have noticed a problem that I have not had before, which is that loose ends now keep popping through my work and show at the front.

I do as I always do, and weave loose ends (from the wool pulled through the final bound off/cast off stitch) through several stitches at the back of the work and double it up over itself to secure it - coming undone is not the problem, it's just that because the cotton is more 'sleek' than wool and the work is quite stretchy, some of the yarn ends are shifting direction as the clothes are moved and are poking out of the front of the work where they look unsightly. If I poke it back through, it comes out again sooner or later and if I cut off the very end bit then I end up with the same problem with whatever is left, it just comes up in a different place! It's made worse because cotton has so many little strands and it sort of splays out and draws as much attention to itself as possible!!

This is important to me because I give a lot of my work as gifts and I think it is a shame that it looks as if it is coming undone when it is not, I think it worries people who don't knit themselves that they should not give the clothes too much wear and tear in case they come apart. How can I secure the ends? All help and suggestions appreciated!!
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