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Invitation for a KAL for the Hemlock Ring
I have attatched the written out and extended version of this pattern that Mary worked on and I wrote it out line by line. PLEASE download this pattern if you like written instructions and it follows Jared's original design!
Please look for post #239 that is where the pdf file is.
Hi All,
Wanted to send out an invite to all of you knitters out there that may want to KAL with a few of us. Below are some links for the patterns and finished product. There has been some interest by some of you on a few of the other forums.
I am not an advanced knitter by far, more on the beginner/intermediate. So, I think that if there are any advanced beginners out there and have knitted a feather and fan lace scarf or the sort, now is you chance to step up to the plate and "DO IT" :D I think that I am up for the challenge and there have been some great advanced knitters who are willing to help us novices. Thanks M... :D
Also, if anyone is interested, the yarn that was used is Cascade Ecological Wool. is having a HUGE sale on quite a few yarns from different vendors. And the eco wool is on sale. Regularly 15.00 per 478 yd hank on sale now for 10.49. They have a pretty good assortment of colors.
So I think that it's fate, someone wants me to knit this. LOL
So, let us know if you'd like to join our KAL and soon we'll have a great piece to show off to everyone. (finished product) (original doily pattern)
Cheers All!

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