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another question about slipped stitch edges.
okay if I were to do this pattern:

Would I slip the first and last stitch?
instead of K2,p2 .............
I would sl1, p2, K2, p2................end with k2,sl1? Is that right? then the next row would be the same except k the knits and p the purls, but still slip the first stitch on each end?

Slipping the stitches will help when I need to pick up the stitches won't it? I have trouble seeing the stitch that I need to pick up at times...

Also when it says in inc 1 st each side this row, do you inc in the first stitch or the second, and if I am slipped the first stitch would I increase immediately in the next stitch???

I am so bad figuring things out. I can knit okay, but patterns confuse me.

Thanks for any help,
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