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My CPH is the size 44". What size are you making?

I assume you are working on the armholes now. Without knowing what size you are making, just read the directions very literally.
When they say "BO 7 on the NEXT two rows, then BO 2 on the NEXT 2 rows" means just exactly that.

Don't let my notebook throw you off. It serves as an example of how I write up my pattern.

After my 4 rows of BINDOFFS on the armhole (worked on Repeat 7, Rows 5,6,7,8...written as 7/5, 7/6, 7/7, 7/8)...then the directions for my size say that the NEXT row will be a DEC ROW. (worked on Repeat 7 Row 9, if you can see my itsy bitsy GREEN ink writings).

Then, Repeat 7 Row 10 (written as 7/10 in the notebook) says EVEN. That means no decreasing on the row.

Then, the very next row (Repeat 8, Row 1...written as 8/1) is another DEC ROW.

Then, my notes say that I am to WORK EVEN (no further decreasing) until the armhole measures 8.5". I reached that measurement by the end of Repeat 12, Row 4 (written in my notes as 12/4) I ended at the end of a WS that the shoulder shaping will commence with RS facing. (this means that I worked 8/2 thru 12/4 without any dec)

I hope this helps! I can't remember if you told me what size you are knitting.
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