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I'm sorry I should have clarified.

I was referring to the shoulder section of the back panel. I'm making a size 48" - the largest size of the original pattern. The new pattern has 3 more sizes added on after my size.

I downloaded the new pattern from the Interweave website that has the three additional sizes past the original sizes, and the pattern for the shoulder section for the back for size 48 says:

"BO 8 sts at beg of next 6 rows. Then BO 0 stitches at beginning of following 2 rows."

I was confused if I should go ahead and knit 2 more rows without doing any bind offs since it says to bind off zero stitches, or if I should just not knit the additional 2 rows since I didn't have to bind off.

I looked at your notebook for your 'shoulder' section of the back and you have written "Bind off 7 at the beginning of next 6 rows."
No mention of knitting 2 more rows, so I'm assumed that I didn't need to knit 2 more rows and those directions are only there for the bigger sizes.

I suspect that in the original pattern (the one without the 3 larger sizes) when you look at the directions for the shoulders in the 'back' section it says for size 48 to BO 8 sts at beg of next 6 rows and put remaining 38 sts on a holder.
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