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Oh! Thanks for clarifying!

Yes, you are absolutely right. Your instincts were right! After we bind off 7 at the beginning of the next 6 rows...WE are DONE! We put our final 38 st on a holder. (NOTE: the larger sizes have more binding off to do to reach the 38 st for the hood.)

For what it's worth: whenever a pattern is for multiple sizes...and most of them are...whenever the directions for your size say something like BO 0 (0,0,0,7,7,8) on the next row...if your size is one of the first 4 just act as if the direction isn't there at all (because it isn't) and move on to the next direction that does apply to your size. I always use a yellow highlighter for all the numbers before starting my notebook. It helps me spot my numbers for the re-write.

That is why I re-write the pattern in my notebook!
I only write what literally applies to my size.

PS: Whereas I downloaded the PDF for the larger sizes...but I am using the actual Knitscene magazine for my pattern. When I made my DD's CPH...the pattern was only available in the magazine. So I ordered the magazine from their website. So, my magazine (CPH pattern) doesn't contain all the mysterious 0's for the PLUS SIZES. That is why your question kinda confused me. But later, I opened up my PDF pattern...and saw the extra pattern 0's!

Happy knitting! You are doing wonderful!
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