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Originally Posted by Hallegold View Post
I've secretly admired your FOs since I joined the forum but now I'm so glad I found this KAL because I have the CPH pattern and will begin knitting it (for my DD) as soon as I purchase the yarn.

Artlady, I wish, wish, wish I lived near you because I would pay you to give me a class in knitting a sweater. I've done a few sweaters but have not been happy with them--even though I've taken care to knit a swatch before each.

I loved seeing your notes and am going to now adopt your practice. I've also loved reading about your blocking techniques. I've not blocked before and am now going to be a blocking convert (what kind of blocking board do you have and where did you purchase it?).

My daughter lives in Chicago so she's not here for me to measure her favorite sweater. What do I tell her to measure? Is it the across the back--from seam to seam?

Thank you so much Artlady!

Hi Halle!

I so appreciate your kind words and compliments! Thank you very much!

To answer your question about the blocking board and accessories: carries the blocking board that I use. It's called the SPACE BOARD. I can't remember which website I purchased mine from. But I think I paid $10 less than Knitpicks, but that was over a year ago. The blocking wires that I use are called LACE BLOCKING WIRESand I paid the same as Knitpicks is charging.

However, that said, if the investment into a premium blocking board doesn't fit in the ole budget right now...I will tell you that I used to use one of those foldup/accordian type cutting boards (for fabrics) and placed a sheet of
clear vinyl material over it. It works nicely, as long as you can place it on a solid surface like a big kitchen table or the floor.

The blocking wires are a treat! They are absolutely necessary for blocking lace and/or scarves...but they also really speed up the set-up for blocking sweaters! Much less time pinning a zillion pins into the straightaways. But I've only had blocking wires at my beck and call for the past year or so. So for umpteen zillion years...I just did the longhand way! It worked!

So don't feel you have to invest $110 in the premium blocking board and blocking wires. They were a treat that I gave to myself! (That, and a wooden swift and Royal ball winder!) Who else would??

I look forward to helping you with your CPH! I will be available to help you with any questions you have about your yarn choice! Do try to get a yarn that is the correct gauge to start with.

In my opinion, the CPH is one of the easiest cable projects for "new-to-cables" knitters. The cables are simple, and the charts are easy to read, too.

Are you a Raveler yet? If so, mosey on over to my NOTEBOOK page and take a peek at my CPH notes for this blue one...and the green one that I finished a bit ago for my DD.

To answer your question about size and measuring your DD:
Ask her to measure around the fullest part of her chest and her sleeve length (from the top of the shoulder to her wrist bone) Also consider what her overall shape is. Is her waist smaller than her bust and hips? The same? Larger?

I've read a lot of notes and chatter about the CPH on other KAL's and everyone seems to agree...they wish they had made the size larger than they chose. I made the 40" for my DD...and it fits her perfectly. Afterall, it is a jacket! Jackets are supposed to allow room for a shirt! She's a size 6 in dresses and blouses.

The sleeves are supposed to be longish, coming down to the middle
of the hand. The 'waif' look, I call it! Very popular amongst the young!
Nothin' worse than high-water sleeves!

Stay in touch! I check our KAL numerous times throughout
the day M-F...and on Sat/Sun....I check in at least once.


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