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Originally Posted by Hallegold View Post
I've not blocked before and am now going to be a blocking convert (what kind of blocking board do you have and where did you purchase it?).

Hi Hallegold,

I love my blocking board. It's the Sew E-Z Board from Guardian Custom Products and I paid $85 for it. $60 + $25 shipping.

It's heat resistant if you want to steam your FO right on it (w/out touching your FO of course) and the bottom is covered in this material that feels like felt so it doesn't damage table tops in your house. I have the large size and it folds up in half and has carrying handles.

Like Artlady said it was definitely a treat to myself. Before the board I blocked on my ironing board and/or lots of towels.

I'm happy to see you come on board!

Update on my progress: Currently I'm halfway through my 'left front panel' and moving along at a snails pace. I have to work 13 days in a row and I just got through day 4 today. Tomorrow (Fri) I work 13 hours and then go right back to work on Saturday morning. Bleck. Hopefully once work slows down a bit I can devote more time to knitting.
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