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Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin View Post
and I can still hold that high C for 28 seconds!
I'll quit (again) when I'm ready.... it *is* on my 101 list!

Holy SMOKES! That's amazing... I'd like to hear that Hildy!
I used to be to hit a high C, what a great feeling.

I stopped singing but I still smoke but only at night and only a few with cocktails. Small and handrolled so it's half a cigarette. (...)
I know I need to stop soon but, as long as I don't do it all day I feel a bit ok. I actually hate the smell of it on the street in the day.

My husband's coworker had a heart attack yesterday, a heavy smoker in his 50s.

Now bars are a whole other story. (actually I don't go like I used to, it's just toooooooo $$$$$$)

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