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Originally Posted by Rorshach View Post
I am a smoker, and I've tried to quit many times, but I always make that foolish mistake when hanging around my friends who do smoke and they ask me if I want one. I usually end up saying yes . . . . and make excuses like "1 won't kill me" and pretty soon are back to doing it again.

actually, you do not know which one of them will cause the change that mutates your lung cells into something malignant. No one knows

I do not know if I have a cell that will get old and turn on me, but by the time I quit, I had smoked from 3 weeks before I started Mense (just after turning 11yo), till I was 23 years old. All of Puberty.

more than you needed to know, but its something that worries me on occasion, and 1 of the things that keeps me from picking up another one

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