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Well, what more could a gal ask for???

Rita and Momwolf - two turbo charged knitters - these two knit so fast, it's enough to give anyone a complex.

I've told each of them before that if they're using bamboo needles to do their knitting in the middle of a field or on a beach, so that families and friends and innocent passers-by are kept safe. They click and clack so fast, they're a positive fire hazard.

Hiya Julie,

Thanks so much for wanting to contribute - it's very kind of you.

The hat is beautiful and looks really cozy and warm.

I was speaking to a lady from Save the Children in London the other day - would you like me to phone her and ask if there's an address in the US you could send your hats to for this particular appeal?

As you know, the postage from the States can be very expensive and if there's some way you could send the hats to an American address, it should save you some $$$$$.

Kristin, SCMomof4, kindly put this link on a Save the Children topic also on the Charity Forum.

I'll contact Save the Children on Monday and get back to you.

Hi Rita

Thanks very much again for your help - it's greatly appreciated. You're a gem.

Fondest Wishes

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