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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
Do you think it would be possible to 'sticky' this thread? Later this summer I'm going to be able to start a CPH, and don't want all this information to be gone.

So many projects, so little time!
I'm checking into the possibility of Sticky-ing it. Have to check with the other Mods and Admins.

But, I don't think the information 'goes away'. It just sinks to the bottom of the barrel if new posts aren't bumping it up to the top. I wouldn't personally 'bump' something just for that reason. Seems unfair.

If the Sticky thing is something we can't could always 'bookmark' it.

Just open the thread to PAGE 1...and then go up and SAVE it in your bookmarks (on Firefox) or FAVORITES (on Internet Explorer).
Any internet browser you use will have some kind of bookmark/favorites feature.

I will post later about the Sticky factor.

Just a note: if everything of importance and/or value gets Stickied...the Sticky section loses it own value to a degree. So the Admins and Senior Mods will have to weigh in on this. I'm still a newbie Mod!

And, thank you for the compliment, that you value my KAL so much!
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