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Knitting Machines...
I know I know, so knitters consider knitting machines as a form of cheating. I sew I and use a sewing machine, so I don't see much difference.

I am a slow knitter and I would like to knit sweaters for me and my husband without having to wait a year to see the finished product, so a knitting machine seems like and interesting option.

I love making intricate stitches and I will never give up my hand needles (think I will get the Options set soon) but I am an open minded person and I like to keep my options open.

I would like to get your opinion... I am looking at the Silver Reed LK150, it seems like a very popular and loved machine. On the cheaper side, there is the Ultimate Sweater Machine Deluxe.

I have looked and looked and I can't find a used LK150 to save my life. Do you own this machine? Do you have any regrets?

As for the cheap cousin, the Ultimate Sweater Machine Deluxe, any of you own it? Or perhaps you have the Ultimate Sweater Machine? Would you praise it or do you get frustrated?

Thanks for your opinion!

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