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Menopause the Musical
I went to my 1st live show this week with a girlfriend. It was Menopause the musical. It was fabulous! I wasn't expecting it to be near as enjoyable as it was.
If anyone has it playing near them I highly recommend seeing it. In Spokane most of the money from the tickets and from items sold in the lobby were for fundraising. Some for our local theater group and some for women's health research.
The music was wonderful and quite recognizable for those of us in that age group familiar with the symptoms of menopause. I haven't laughed that hard or for so long in years. My friend and I enjoyed the lyrics so much we bought the cd and listened to it all the way home.
There were even a few brave men in the audience and I'm sure they were somewhat bewildered by the raucous crowd of middle aged and older women.
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