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The HOOD is finished, and is on the blocking now!

Due to the fact that the HOOD is "knit onto" the body directly, as opposed to being knit separately and seamed ontothe body later,
I had to hold it over/into the basin of fiber wash without getting the body wet again. Then again for the fiber rinse in the same manner. I squeezed out the excess water, patted between two thick bath towels...then laid it out on the blocking board. It will sit there til bone dry.

After that, I'll seam the top of the hood only...*then pick up ALL THE STITCHES for the ribbing band in one fell swoop: starting at the bottom edge of the Right Front, up over the HOOD, and down the Left Front to the bottom edge. Yeah, a lot of stitches...but the outcome will be worth it. Will have to be extra careful to pick up the right amount of stitches per 6" section. That's a lot of ribbing to yank out if the thing puckers (from too many stitches) or "bows" from too little stitches. I use the pick-up number given by the pattern as a "guideline". I'll pick up two ribbing stitches for every 3 st on the jacket edge. But more about that later.

*[The pattern directions say to add the ribbing to each side and half the HOOD separately...then seam the top of the HOOD with the ribbing already on. Ack. You can't hide that seam front the frontal view. That is the one thing I didn't like about my DD's CPH.]
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