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Originally Posted by mwhite View Post
Okay, haven't received an answer yet but did find this:

\ means- SSK (slip, slip, K2tog), left slanting decrease: Insert your R needle into 1 stitch on the left needle, as if to knit. Slip it from the L needle onto the R needle (this is called slipping knitwise). Slip a second stitch knitwise. Pass your left needle back through these two stitches, so that the L needle is in front of the R needle. You will note that your R needle is now positioned as if to knit through the back loops. Wrap yarn as usual around R needle, pull through both stitches, and drop both old stitches from the L needle.
Alternate - easier to understand, takes longer to do, looks exactly the same: S1 K1 PSSO

and the chart shows ssk where written instruction shows the S1, K1 PSSO. So there's a difference but not really, as shown in the "Alternate" explanation. It's probably just a matter of preference.
What do you all prefer? SSK or S1 K1 PSSO. I have done both, but what's the actual difference?
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