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My goodness! it's been almost a year since I had last visited!
07/2007... Ohhh and I noticed my post at the top of the forum .
It's been so long... but I have been knitting, just not at the pace of a new knitter wanting to catch up for a lifetime of not knowing how to. I've missed this place. It looks like Amy's site continues to grow in more ways than one. Lots of new knitters and this place looks awesome!
For those who are wondering exactly where is the South Bay?. Think of a small bit of the California coastline with a big U shape filled with ocean(the bay...)The South bay is from the San Pedro/Palos Verdes Peninsula going up along the coast through Torrance , Redondo, Hermosa, El Segundo,Santa Monica & Malibu beaches. (forgive me if I missed a city or two) If you've ever flown out of LAX you've gone out over the ocean at least for a few minutes before turning in what ever direction and that would have been the S.Bay. There are several lovely yarn shops around(Beachknitting is one of them ) and we also have a great knitting group that meets up on Weds. and Sun. every week so those of you who are close and looking for a group to knit with, look us up at or on Ravelry .
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