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To sell or not to sell my wedding dress?
I have been married almost 2 yrs and I think I would like to sell my wedding dress. I was going to sell it last year and a girl asked me to hold it for her and then she backed out at the last minute. I have another girl now who would like to come try it on and to me it sounds "right" b/c she is getting on a budget (as I did) and in the same month I did...anyway, now my husband is thinking I should keep the dress.
My mother kept her wedding dress and shoes and both had yellowed by the time I was in high school. Even still, I am taller and have broader shoulders than my mother so I could not have worn it. I sell it and never look back? Or do I spend $$ drdy cleaning it and pile it into a closet and move it with me for the next 30 yrs and hope I have a daughter who is my size and wants to wear my wedding dress?
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