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Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
{...} I had forgotten about a bottle of very expensive lotion in my carryon and when TSA pointed it out I said - that's pretty expensive stuff my checked back is right there (hadn't gone through customs yet) can I go slip it in there. He said NOPE and tossed it in the garbage. Makes me wonder if they are really going to co-operate when it comes to taking a project off the needles and then mailing the needles home.....

See, i had a different experience, the TSA lady offered me to go check my cleanser in my suitcase. The bottle was almost empty (and I also pay wholesale, since I sell mary kay) so I did not bother, but the option was there for me. That guy was just happy to show off his power I believe :(

If you are willing to get in line again, you must be assertive and tell them that you will handle whatever they deny you to bring on board. They can not take anything from you unless you want to proceed to the gate.
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