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Please, Help -- Pattern Confusion
Hi, everyone. I began knitting because my husband has always wanted a handknit fisherman's knit sweater. After a long, long time, he finally saw a pattern that he loved. I was ecstatic until I couldn't understand it.

I need to make this pattern in medium and found yarn that is comparable to the yarn the pattern calls for (no longer made). I just can't figure out how to start it, how many pieces it calls for, etc. To begin, it doesn't say to cast on anything.

Can someone please help me type this pattern out for a medium? I would be so grateful because I am truly lost, especially at the beginning portion. I cannot understand this pattern and I'm not sure if it's me or the way it's written (it's an old one).

Calling on the kindness of a stranger to help me. The pattern is here:
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