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Originally Posted by suzeeq View Post
Yeah, I would think heavy yarn and large needles would be more difficult continental. I wonder.... do most contis use thin yarn and small needles more than english knitters do?
I tend to knit with thinner yarn...for some reason bulky and larger needles really hurt when I knit with them not really harder to do...just very uncomfy...I never thought to change to English though...I'll give that a try next time

Originally Posted by lactosefree View Post
Thanks for posting this! I think the last time I looked at the purling video page the Norwegian style wasn't up yet. I it! Yay, a new way to purl!
I was doing the continental purl and although I wasn't having any trouble with it, I didn't care much for it (I used my thumb 'cause my middle finger just wouldn't help that yarn a few days ago I was looking around and found that video...I'm working on a top with a lot of purl sts and it's a lot easier/faster to do

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