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I'll have to put that video on my "when you go to the library that has broadband" list. Right now I'm halfway through a sweater in moss stitch and all that switching back and forth is driving me NUTS.

I agree with most of you--do what feels right, not what you think the Knitting Police want. If it doesn't hurt your hands and you're getting the result you (not anyone else, YOU) want, it's a Good Thing. TRying out new techniques is part of the fun, but if you don't like them, nobody is allowed to make you!

I learned to crochet first, too, and everyone around here seems to knit not only English, but with a wrist-twisting variation and very, very hard, tight gauge. That won't work for me. Thick yarn doesn't seem to be a problem,--I don't like a lot of the projects that are made with the clothesline-sized yarn and great big needles, but it isn't harder to work with or anything. Really fine yarn is more of a problem for these stiff hands--I can;t do much thread crochet, either.
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