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The pattern states:

1 pair each BERNAT-Aero straight knitting needles Nos. 3 and 6 (3.25 mm and 4.25 mm) OR ANY SIZE NEEDLES THAT WILL GIVE THE SPECIFIED STITCH GAUGE
1 set BERNAT-Aero dp needles No. 3 (3.25 mm) 1 BERNAT-Aero cable stitch needle

GAUGE: 11 sts = 2 inches 7 rows = 1 inch

The operative words being 'ANY SIZE NEEDLES THAT WILL GIVE THE SPECIFIED STITCH GAUGE.' Given the amt of work that goes into the st patt of this sweater you have to be virtually spot on so make sure your gauge swatch washes and dries to the size you desire so you don't make the sweater and find it grows/shrinks, thereby making it unwearable. Just because you have a yarn, whose ballband gives similar gauge info to the original yarn mentioned in the patt, doesn't mean your knitting will match what the patt calls for. Every knitter is diff so your swatch is crucial.

You'll be working with dpns so if you're not familiar with how those are used, do practice in advance. Be advised that some get a diff gauge working in the round than straight so CHECK YOUR GAUGE so it matches the swatch done on straights.

The decision to work back/front tog on circ, or in the round to the armholes, means you eliminate the need to duplicate the entire process when working on straights. Each piece will be the same sz, have any incs/decs at the exact place. Some find their work goes faster that way as you don't have to refer back to the earlier piece to measure, see where you did something. (I always do both sleeves at the same time on circs so in just a bit more time than it takes to make one they're both finished...and exactly the same.)

Cautionary note: make sure you're comfortable with the instructions and content of the patt before starting. Given the amt of detail in the st work frogging wouldn't be as easy as in straight stockinette. If nec, do another test swatch with a few of the st patts so you know what to expect once the full fabric is developing.

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