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Turning the Heel
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Didn't I just turn a heel?
Hi everyone,
I am knitting my first sock. I am at the heel and the pattern says to knit 20 st on a needle, row 1-sl 1, p19, row 2-sl 1 k19, repeat 2 rows until there are 17 rows. Then it says to Turn Heel, row 1, etc. I hate to ask this, but couldn't understand the search I found; don't I turn the work every time I get to the end and start again using the other needle? What is so different, when you get to Turn Heel?

Also, on my dormant stitches, I have 2 extra stitches on one needle. Can I just knit 2 together when I get to it? Will that work o.k.?

I will appreciate any help.
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