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Soften a pound of butter and mix well with 2 cups of olive oil (an electric mixer is great for this job). Pour it into a container like one of those Glad or Ziplock plastic containers, and put it in the fridge. Let it set up overnight. The result is a SPREADABLE butter straight from the fridge that is 50% heart healthy olive oil. It tastes like butter, but is much, much better for you than either regular butter or margarines.
I live alone (therefore am cooking for one!) and it takes FOREVER to use up non-stick sprays, etc. The only time I use the CBINB product is on the rare occasions when I eat hot veggies (I prefer salad). I never use marg and have a small stick of butter in my freezer that's probably 2-3 yrs old. (IOW, I have no need for anything spreadable.)

I agree with your assessment that this product is most likely indestructable and, worst case scenario, would just get stale so long as it's refrigerated (I can understand their warning about tossing it if left out in warm temps for extended periods).

BTW, I'm really good about watching 'BUB' dates for the fact I need things to sometimes last a long time...being I don't use them up as quickly as some. To find this seemingly popular product on the shelves of a large Los Angeles chain with only a few months usability remaining seemed odd.

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