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Turning the Heel
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Originally Posted by Puddinpop View Post
I am at the heel and the pattern says to knit 20 st on a needle, row 1-sl 1, p19, row 2-sl 1 k19, repeat 2 rows until there are 17 rows. Then it says to Turn Heel, row 1, etc. ...
Also, on my dormant stitches, I have 2 extra stitches on one needle. Can I just knit 2 together when I get to it? Will that work o.k.?
It sounds like you're working a heel-flap sock from the top down. The first part, where you sl 1 then p or k, you are making a flat flap that covers the back of the heel. The next part actually changes the direction (or turns) the fabric from covering the back of the heel to covering the bottom of the heel. You'll then pick up stitches along the sides of the heel flap to start the gusset.
As for the 2 extra stitches, 1 K2tog changes 2 stitches into one. You need to lose 2 stitches, so you'll need 2 K2togs. If you're doing the top of the foot (the instep) in a stockinette stitch, this should work well and not be noticeable. If you have a pattern stitch on the instep, losing those 2 extra stitches might take a little creative fiddling!
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