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Wow, I didn't expect such response!
Thank you all for your input!

I really don't mind my throwing style that much as I am very comfortable.
I probably wouldn't ever know the difference, were it not for the internet. Seeing how others do it though, made me realise it can be done more efficiently/faster! So I just want to learn it.

I had my knitting with me at work today and my Irish client whom I know to be a knitter was asking about the project I'm working on. I'm doing 2 toe up on 1 circ magic loop.
I whatched her doing some knitting last time she was in and was quite impressed. She holds her yarn in her right hand but doesn't throw, but rather shifts the yarn using her right index finger, much like you might do in continental....
Anyway, she wanted to understand what I was doing with the magic loop so I had her do some stitches her way meanwhile I showed her what I've been practicing to learn conti.

It was fun!
I'm gonna keep at it and one day I'll be a pro!

Thanks again
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