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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Yeah, all oils have a lot of calories, including the ones they use in margarine. But olive oil is a heart healthy oil that can actually lower cholesterol. Using it in moderation is a given either way. Lower calories does not always equal better for you.

Not just any oil. Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats and is actually good for your heart. If you spread the same amount of butter vs butter/olive oil on your toast, the butter/olive oil has 50% less saturated fat. Plus a daily dose of olive oil can actually reduce your chances of developing heart disease.

That is a really great tip. Can the olive/butter combo be used for baking? I love butter, and always have a stick of it in the fridge for baking...and for my mac n cheese coz it's just SOOO good with butter I don't like to use margarines for baking because I find they don't taste as good and Becel melts too quickly for cookies making them spread and usually burn.
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