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Originally Posted by Debkcs View Post
How old are they now, Kristin?
They're almost 8 weeks old. We got them early because they weaned early and are on solid puppy food already.

Originally Posted by knitnj View Post
oh my god...what type of dog are they??
They're chihuahuas.

Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
I love the crate cover too! I'm assuming that you made it?
How are they doing at night?
Yep yep, I made the crate cover. Last night was our first night with them and they slept in our room. They would whine just a little (which sounds like tiny little squeeky toy squeezes lol) but they settled in together just fine. They ate and drank all their food and water, and went potty on the puppy pads several times. (OMG, their poo is sooo tiny. lol) They're still sleeping right now.

Originally Posted by vaknitter View Post
They are adorable !! How much do they weigh and how much do you expect they will weigh?
I don't know what they weigh right now, but they fit curled up on my hand, so they are very tiny. About the size of a new kitten. They will not get bigger than probably 3 to 4 pounds. Both of their parents are small chihuahuas too.

Thanks everyone, glad you're enjoying the pix!!

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