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This is why I don't walk for exercise...
Hubby took my truck today to drop off some plants for a customer over at QVC in PA so me and the 2 1/2 yo (in the stroller) had to walk to pick the girls up from school. It is not a far walk at all, I think 4 blocks total. And now I am in such pain, it is not muscle pain though. The pain, it feels like it starts from the hip joints and shoots down to my knee joints then eventually down to my feet. It is a nagging and annoying pain that Aleve really does not help all that much but it is all I have to take. The walk was not even a solid type of walk, we walked to Taylor's school, a block up and over and waited about 15 minutes then walked up another block and waited about 20 minutes. This has been happening to me for years, I know it has something to do with my hip joints and I really need to go to the Dr. over here for it.

Ok, while I don't feel physical better, I do feel better getting it out there! Thanks for listening to me!
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