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Originally Posted by missmom31 View Post
artlady~can you please advise on how you changed the cph directions to add a zipper, and any advise on how to put the zipper in??? as always, thanks for your advise. patty
I didn't change the pattern at all. I just didn't make buttonholes.
Then, I hand-stitched the zipper into least that's what I did for my DD's CPH.

But I gotta tell ya...I'm having a hard time with the zipper in my blue CPH! I had it completely stitched into place last night...and it looked awful. The application was rippley. So I snipped all the stitches and removed the zipper.

Then I pinned 6 silver celtic elliptical-shaped buttons onto the button band (thinking I could make I-cords for the other side for the closure)...but wasn't completely happy with that either. The weight of the silver buttons made the buttonband kinda stretch southward.

So then I ran a self-yarn 'running-stitch' in and out of all the ribbing (at the edge) up one side, over the top of the hood and down the other stabilize the ribbing from stretching under the weight of the buttons.

That worked like a charm! So now I can use the buttons if I want to. Or, I could let the hoodie just hang open, no zipper, no buttons. (The model CPH has no closure application at all if you'll notice.)

But that was all late at night...or early in the morning (2 am). In the light of day, and 6 hrs sleep and two cups of coffee...I am feeling like giving the zipper another GO. With the running stitch now stabilizing the edges of the ribbing, the application of the zipper may do better. And, I shouldn't have been trying to do the pinning on my lap. I should have laid it down on my blocking board and THEN done the basting stitches...and THEN done the actual permanent hand stitches.

If the zipper doesn't pan out this time...I will have to think about those
silver buttons that are shaped like frogs almost...long elliptical shaped.

So, stay tuned. It is sunny today. I feel better about trying again. Right now a baby coat is drying on my blocking board, the contractor is here (installing a new storm door for me)...and I am trying to work out a new external hard drive backup. I won't get to the zipper today. Tomorrow.

Basically, here are my steps:
1) baste the ribbing shut from the front to hold the sweater shut (see photo below)
2) baste the zipper into place, aligning the teeth in the very center
3) remove that first basting
4) *hand-stitch the zipper into place, using double-stranded regular sewing thread and a very sharp needle
5) remove the zipper basting
6) open the zipper, and hand stitch the excess zipper plackets (at the top) into place and out of sight

*Tip: hand-stitch the zipper between the last row and the bind-off row

Baste the front of the jacket shut, in preparation for zipper application

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