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My Seaming Tips
Here are a few 'mattress stitch' seaming photos.

Use these little baby clippies to securely hold your two edges together for mattress seam application: they are easy to install and quick to remove as you seam your way up!

All clipped and ready to go: side and sleeve seams!

Beginning at the ribbing, mattress seam the 'edge stitches' together.
It is easy to see, and it 'cinches up' quickly & smoothly!

Notice how easy it is to detect where to insert your seaming needle!

I use DMC (gauge 5) Coton Perle for most of my seaming:

The ribbing mattress seam is now 'cinched up'. Notice how a Knit stitch meets a Knit stitch on either side of the seam, thereby maintaining the uniformity of the K2/P2 ribbing.

The middle K2 stitches are the seamline!

Notice the edge stitches? See how easy they are to see?

A mattress seam is invisible! I highly recommend its use to assembling
your garment pieces...even when joining the sleeves and sleeve caps to the body!

Side seam done...this is now the view of the 'clipped up'
sleeve, as viewed from the armpit down to the cuff!
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