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Hats for Orphans
A friend of mine is going to the Ukraine with her church She need help with hats her primary visit is t o a Orphanage for kids with some sort of disabilities That Government does not help because they are not productive humans (my opinion does not count maybe they are doing the best the can they are a poor country)
That orphanage has approx 170 kids ranging from newborn to 16 maybe 17 there are 2 other orphanages that also need hats, they are receiving some help from the Government. Can anyone help natural fibers are best do not worry about wool as they wash the laundry in the river
She is going in September our group has only made 50 we are shooting for 300 we want the poor kids especially since the government does not support them all it would be nice to have at least hats, socks or booties would also be nice my name is Lynn Lisiewski I live in Modesto CA I have never asked for such help the real priority is for the disabled kids
Just email me and I will send you the address Thank you for reading this post
Lynn Lisiewski
Modesto, CA
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