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Originally Posted by kgkrause View Post
Can you still joing this KAL for the Central Park Hoodie?
Certainly! We will keep this KAL alive as long as someone wants to work on it! The CPH is fun!

No, you don't have to be a Ravelry member to join this KAL. Knitting Help and Ravelry are two separate entities. A lot of KH members enjoy using the Ravelry software to organize and showcase their knitting in one big notebook under their name...however, most of us KH-ers prefer KH for community this KAL! And showing off your knits in Whatcha Knitting! KH is a small family (compared to Ravelry's millions)...and has a friendly, loving, helpful atmosphere!


Remember, I will be gone (off the grid, with no internet access) from May 3-11. But, our other CPH-KAL gals will take good care of ya! When I get back, I will pop in ASAP...and see what yer all up to!
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