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I will knit some-- I usually knit hats in the summer to send to Afghanistan in the early fall. (I'm a teacher and have more free time in the summer and the long, long, forever and a day plane ride to the states means I have more time to knit!)..

However, I can do nothing right now.. I'm in the middle (ha ha) of packing, getting ready for an International move.. but, I will make at least one.. on the plane to the states in JUNE.. and during the week that I have before I see the hand surgeon.. about my still HURTING LEFT THUMB.. (from OCT!)

I'm afraid, that he might say: "NO KNITTING FOR YOU!" :*(

SEND ME an PRIVATE MESSAGE with your mailing address and I assure you- that I'll manage to knit at least 2 hats before I see the USA Hand Surgeon!
*Check it out!!! Lots of photos
*It's all about: The Life and adventues of an American living overseas who finds time to knit every now and then.
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