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Originally Posted by dreamsherl View Post
Hi Everyone. I haven't been able to work on my DD CPH for a while. I've cleared some things and have picked it up again. OK, now the question or questions. My DD's CPH will fit her better I think if I don't block it. The blocking sizes will make it a bit too big. Do I have to block it? If I do need to block it, should I block the pieces before seaming?
Block all your pieces, BACK, LEFT FRONT, RIGHT FRONT, SLEEVES before you seam.

Blocking doesn't enlarge the pieces. There are several methods, and the easiest method is to pin your pieces down to a blocking board and heavily mist them...and leave them til bone dry.

If you don't have a blocking board, and are hesitant to invest in can use a seamstress' cutting board with clear plastic over the top of it. Page 4 Post #37 of this KAL has more information about that and where to get them.

Another knitter used the misting method, and it worked great for her.
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