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Bellflower Shrug
...from the last issue of Magknits before the implosion.

Classic Elite Wool Bam Boo, less than 3 skeins. It's a lovely rich blue-green color in person. I LOVE the yarn. It's soft, squishy, springy and has lovely drape. So comfy against my skin.

I love this shrug too! I'm actually gonna wear it--I plan to wear it to an event Thursday night.

I made a few pattern mods so it would be a wee bit larger than the "one size" of the pattern (must accommodate the line backer shoulders). I added one lace repeat worth of stitches to my cast on, plus a selvedge stitch on each end. I also extended the ribbing across the bottom for an extra inch or so, to hit a little below bra line.

Please excuse the pics. It was tough to take 'em by myself and I guess my lens was dirty. (Also excuse the braless-ness, it's late and I had to let the girls take a breather ).


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