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I've knit for only a few years and am now only expanding to sweaters and socks ... so don't fret I get what you mean. I think for me personally I was scared I'd do it wrong and then not be able to correct it .... so now when the pattern is tricky and I know it will be hard for me to pick up stitches that I might drop I just use a life line and the stress is gone. A lifeline is embroidery floss, dental floss or fingerweight yarn threaded into a big eyed needle and running the yarn through the loops while they are on the needle. You'll find out if you use this process that some rows are better to use a lifeline on than others and that only comes with trial and error I think.
Hint: Suzeeq is a real expert at these things ... for heavens sake she's been knitting since the dawn of time LOLOLOL ....
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