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"doubling" a pattern question..

My question is regarding the pattern shown above. I hope you can see it because I've had problems in the past where I can but others can't.

I want to double the casted on stitches to 24. The pattern is for 12 stitches.
Does that mean for Row 1,3,5,7: K4,P4,K4 work 12 stitches in garter and so on...instead of K2,P2,K2 work 6 stitches in garter stitch.....

QUESTION 2: The bolded section is what is in question.
Why does the pattern say Row 1,2,5,7: K2,P2,K2 then work 6 stitches in garter. Garter stitches and knit stitches are the same. Why don't they just add the k2 + 6 garter sts and say K8 instead?

If you can't see the image you can click on

Thanks for your help,
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