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I agree, it's a matter of time. That's how they get comfy in their new home. I adpoted 2 cats from a rescue 3 years ago. First Nania and a month later, Sybil. Nania went under the bed as soon as I opened her kenel. But the first night she jumped on my bed to kneel (sp?) and purr (awwwww).... Sybil spent like 2 weeks under my bed getting out only when she thought it was save to sip some water, eat and use the liter box. She seemed very scared, much more than Nania. I used to go under the bed when she was hidding there and talk to her, let her smell my hand, touch her and even give her some toys. But never forced her to come out. I did it gently and for brief periods at a time... a few minutes or so, a couple of times a day. She slowly came out and spent more and more time around my apartment. Nowdays, both own the bed, the couch, the chairs, me.... everything LOL.... Good luck with your new kitties!!!!!!

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