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Imagine having to go LOOKING for a cat, in my case they just show up. Our latest found-in-the-ditch baby has just been spayed, and has been bossing around the others since she moved in.

Our other female (we also have 5 males) was and still is a scaredy cat. She hid for about 2 months, and it took me years to get her to come out of her shell a bit. In the house, she will now come up to me and snuggle, and even "attack" me when she wants a snuggle and I'm not noticing, but she doesn't do it to anyone else. She is definitely my cat. Outdoors she just looks at me with those great big eyes and stays away. Weird, but I've gotten used to her, she is a doll.

Re those nail things, I have never heard of them before, they are hysterical.
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